I’ve had a fairly “not feelin’ it” sort of day… I wasn’t feeling getting out of bed, but wasn’t feeling staying in bed either. I wasn’t feeling the drive to work and wasn’t feeling staying home. I wasn’t feeling work (though I sorta just sleep-walked through it, and it went by fast enough), but I was already there so: meh.

When I went for some tea about 8am, there was this pot of coffee in the sink, and I remembered how much fun I had with the coffee pot and cleaning liquid homage to Jeff Koons from a week or two ago, so I whipped out the phone and shot a quick HDR sequence with the built-in camera.

Then I wasn’t feeling the drive home, or the getting home, or the Mr. Rogers-style costume change, or anything else, and so surprise! but I wasn’t feeling pulling out the camera or thinking of something to shoot or anything, so it’s a good thing I snapped this when I did.

So this started life as a straight iPhone shot and an HDR shot, both made with the built-in iOS 5 camera.

Then they came in and were HDR-ed again (for no particularly good reason) by Photoshop CS6. I just fiddled with some sliders till it looked good, then twiddled some more sliders before shipping it off to Aperture.

In Aperture, it got sent to Topaz Labs DeNoise 5 plugin, and then I twiddled some more sliders, and out this popped.

Surprise Surprise, but I’m not feelin’ it.

iPhone 4. Built-in camera app, HDR-ed in PS6, modified further in Aperture and Topaz Labs DeNoise 5.

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