365.208 Ohne Titel (not feelin’ it)

I’ve had a fairly “not feelin’ it” sort of day… I wasn’t feeling getting out of bed, but wasn’t feeling staying in bed either. I wasn’t feeling the drive to work and wasn’t feeling staying home. I wasn’t feeling work (though I sorta just sleep-walked through it, and it went by fast enough), but I […]

365.90 Part II: Girl’s Best Friend

(See Part I for more information) And so the adjustments began with my usual pulling back exposure, pumping black point, messing with brightness, and a slight tweak of the saturation, I decided to see what full desaturation looked like… nice, but missing something. So I returned saturation to its original point, and tried out various […]

365.81 Spring Creek Forest Preserve Photowalk

I came across an oddity in Dallas county… the Spring Creek Forest Preserve in Garland TX, of all places. So Momma and I went out there (all 10 minutes from her North Dallas abode) and wandered around for a few hours. From the time we left the car (about 9:15am) until we were leaving (about 11:45am), […]

365.66 Proof of Concept (with outtakes)

So I used the Light Pipe I made earlier today to create a Beauty Dish-ish type of thing. The fresh (and really bad) haircut didn’t do me any favors here, but this was really more of a proof-of-concept project than anything else. I didn’t take any in process shots. Apologies. But I just cut a […]

365.34 Fully Automatic, Fully Adjusted

This began as three jpegs, shot in full auto -2–0–+2 bracketed, merged to HDR in Photoshop CS5.5 and shipped out with some custom slider settings, sent to Aperture, edited with Topaz Labs Adjust 3 and B/W Effects 5, and presented here for your enjoyment. Apologies, but I had some prior obligations and thus didn’t really […]