365.66 Proof of Concept (with outtakes)

So I used the Light Pipe I made earlier today to create a Beauty Dish-ish type of thing. The fresh (and really bad) haircut didn’t do me any favors here, but this was really more of a proof-of-concept project than anything else. I didn’t take any in process shots. Apologies. But I just cut a […]

365.25 – The Cereal Box Strip Box

365.25 Candy & Cigarettes: Monumental Sculpture from the Cockroft Collection. (Yes, it’s a silly title, and yes, I could’ve done a better job with it…) Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series, at about 150mm, ISO100, 1/80, f/16, and lit with my new toy: the Cereal Box Strip Box! All credit for the idea goes to Alex Koloskov, and […]