I made a few errors with the first production version (mk-1) of the scanner bed:

  • wrinkled tape around the scanning tube caused the negative carrier to skip and occasionally hang up
  • the scanning bed was shorter than the negative carrier
  • the single security flap was insufficient to keep the negative carrier on the scanner bed and it would sometimes slide out during scanning

So I rebuilt it.

The prototype (not pictured) was made from a small flat-rate USPS box, and the cardboard on it was smooth and thin. For the mk-1, I used a narrow-walled corrugated box that was much rougher, heavier, harder to work with, and seemed ready to scratch a negative at any turn (much like the prototype, which I used before acquiring the Lomography Digitaliza).

For the mk-2, I constructed the scanning tube out of the tube from a spent roll of duct tape, and instead of using only step-up rings to, I added a couple of step-down rings to make it a bit sturdier.

I was also a bit more precise with my measurements, and used purpose-cut foam core instead of the cardboard scrap I used for the mk-1.

I did make one error that caused me to have to dis-assemble II and shift the scanning bed by 2mm, but even with the slightly sloppy-looking tape, I think the mk-II will serve me well… unless and until I decide to construct a mk III. (For that, I’ll need some new XACTO blades…)

And here it is… the moment you’ve been waiting for…


the Scan-O-Matic 7000 II!

Scan-O-Matic II
Scan-O-Matic II

Compare it with the Mk-I:Rebuilding the Scanner|72|©JamesECockroft-20150110I look forward to giving this a try with the next rolls of film I develop: as I’ve already scanned all the film I shot (4 new rolls, and one older roll coming soon.)


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