Most of the time, I have multiple little personal projects going on, all with various levels of importance both to me and in relation to each other. I don’t find this an unusual character trait: it seems as if others operate similarly.

In the sphere of Photography-related projects, I got interested in film shortly after I acquired my the D7000. The iPhone 4-induced photography obsession interest had family sending all manner of cameras my way, one of which was the cute-little Ricoh 35-ZF. I put a roll of film in it and started shooting around a bit.

2014-Ricoh 35-ZF-Fuji Pro 400H|45|©JamesECockroft-20141222
I just realized this picture is backwards… Oh well.

I took it on a couple of photowalks for the first roll, then stuck another roll in for a photowalk with Mom and one in Grapevine too, then packed it away.

I guess I knew there was a roll of film in it, but it really didn’t even cross my mind. And I didn’t know it had a prominent light leak… I only figured that out when I started this scanning experiment.

Anyway. Some weeks ago, I got some film, and wanted to try it out. The LC-A was occupied, so I reached for the Ricoh. Lo and Behold, it had half a roll of film in it, which I shot up, and then shelved, awaiting a trip to the photo lab that never happened, because I started developing film at home. GoGo.

The Ricoh is really a fine little camera: small, sharp-lensed, easy to shoot. The zone focus trips me up some (see the picture of Hana, above), and I need to either replace the seals or gaff-tape the door when I shoot it, but I’ll be keeping it around, if only to look good sitting on the shelf.

I quite like the color in this Fuji film. Fun stuff.

Processing notes: with this roll, I tried the finger-squeegee method… After scanning it, I went back and cleaned the negatives off, deleted the files and scanned it again… I need more practice with the finger-squeegee.

Ricoh 35 ZF, Fuji Pro 400 H, developed at home, digitized with the Scan-O-Matic 7000* and processed in Lightroom 5.

*This is the working name for the D7000, Nikkor 28-105D, and SB-700 combo. I recently rebuilt the negative carrier. Stay tuned for that.

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