When scanning film with a dslr and hand-built scanning device, exposure—as with all other photography—is very important.

At the top of this post, you’ll find the hirsute shot from earlier today, as it came out of camera (after inversion and initial color correction, and some cropping…).

And here it is after pulling back exposure by more than 3 stops:

For the first 4-6 rolls of film I ‘scanned,’ I bounced the camera-mounted SB700 at about 1/4 power off a wall or ceiling, both about 6 feet away.

I noticed that I needed to pull back on the exposure about one stop, sometimes 2, for every shot.

Somehow (finger-slip, I guess) the power got bumped up to 1/2 for most of this roll…

So I ran some tests, and found that, when bouncing the flash off a wall ~6′ away, 1/8th power is about right.

Your mileage, of course, may vary.

Lomo LC-A and Lomography Cine 200 film, developed and scanned at home.


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