Don’t be impatient when drying film…You can try a squeegee, if you like… you may have decent results for a time (I didn’t), but you’ll eventually scratch your film (or so says every message board I read on the topic of drying film).

You can try the finger squeegee method: and may you have better results than I did. I might try again, but my early attempts were not particularly promising.

Whatever you do, don’t, please don’t wipe wet negatives with a cloth.

If you do, you’ll end up with fibers and hairs, stuck fast to the dried emulsion.

If they’re on the base side, you have few worries: they’ll wipe right off. But wet emulsion is sticky and fragile.

Lomo LC-A, Lomography Cine 200 film. Developed and scanned at home with the as-yet-unnamed D7000/Nikkor 28-105 rig and converted in Lightroom 5.



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