Good times at the Grapevine photowalk with the Dallas Photo Walk Meetup group (now sadly defunct). I spent the vast majority of the time wandering around by myself and marveling at the changes a little town can undergo in just a few years.

Most  interesting to me—and not pictured, unfortunately—there were numerous instances of fresh sidewalk throughout the quaint-ish downtown. While it’s great to see a community keeping up with its infrastructure, for sure, these newly replaced/repaired/added sidewalks were pressed with a mold of some sort that adds some texture to the fresh concrete and appears designed to make the sidewalk look like it’s of the period. This is also all well and good, except the sidewalk that they replaced actually was of the period.

Why not just put in new sidewalk? In 10 years it’ll look weathered and be worn smooth and not look the least bit out of place. Why artificially weather and treat your brand new sidewalk?

This is like buying blue jeans with the holey knees installed fresh from the factory.

But I’m getting off track…

Everything was shot with the Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai at ISO100, and in AP mode, mostly at f/4, f/5.6, or f/8.

BTW: technology is in some ways a beautiful thing.

I noticed a speck in the new (old) lens today: a bit of grime that’s clearly visible through the viewfinder, and equally visible when looking at the rear element. It looks to be adhered to one or another side of the second element  in, or maybe the third, and it shows up in the preview pictures on the back of the camera.

I was expecting boulders to appear in all my shots…

But they’re gone! Not there at all! Where did they go? I bet Aperture wiped them out when it imported the RAW file.

In some ways, this is brilliant!

In some ways, it’s troubling.

But I won’t grumble this time, as it saved me many minutes of post.

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