365.25 Candy & Cigarettes: Monumental Sculpture from the Cockroft Collection. (Yes, it’s a silly title, and yes, I could’ve done a better job with it…)

Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series, at about 150mm, ISO100, 1/80, f/16, and lit with my new toy: the Cereal Box Strip Box!
All credit for the idea goes to Alex Koloskov, and the poor execution is all mine.

I pasted some aluminum foil to the inside of a cereal box, taped over one end, rolled it up so it would slide over the SB700, and created a diffuser out of some semi-translucent plastic drawing paper (called Yupo or somesuch).

It works very well, though I really didn’t use it to the best effect here…

And yes, I shoot everything out of my small apartment, which is often a wreck after an afternoon of shooting.

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