Looking at this a bit more closely, Koons would probably have made the water slightly bluer, and the fuchsia somewhat more fuchsia-y… Oh well: close enough.

When I went to fetch a cup of tea early this morning, I discovered the coffee pots in the sink, all full up with sanitizer liquid.

Even under the nasty fluorescent lights of the break room (or perhaps because of them), the fuchsia of the handle and rim absolutely sang against the blue of the disinfectant.

Out came the iPhone, tap went the Home button, slide went the camera icon, and I was snapping away.

Now. Several months ago, I told the built-in camera app to start making HDR shots ever time I told it to make a picture, and so a couple of hours passed, and it dawned on me that I could pop these into CS6 Merge to HDR Pro, and have a bit of fun when I got home, so I did.

The first, non-HDRified shot was fine as it was, all candy-coated goodness, and the HDR version was weak, washed out, and unappealing. But together, and with a bunch of tweaks of sliders (in Merge to HDR and in regular Ps, and a tiny bit in Aperture), they made something that would make Jeff Koons proud, methinks… (or makes my memory of some Koons work from the late 1990s & early Naughts think that he might approve).

If I had the means (some timber, a saw, a large roll of canvas, and a garage), I’d be making a 6×8 foot painting of this Right Bleeping Now: believe.

iPhone 4. Built-in Camera App, set to HDR. ISO320, 1/15th, f/2.8 (all auto: it’s an iPhone shot with the built-in camera app, and I didn’t even set the focus point…). Original and HDR versions merged in CS6 Merge to HDR Pro, with my special sauce; some levels adjustment and a few photo filters in Ps; and an import-renaming-resize-export operation in Aperture.

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