Truth be told, it’s a bit muggy for my taste, but whatever. And there was a neighbor or a friend of a neighbor that was out smoking, and that I didn’t notice until she started talking on the phone. I wonder if she wondered “what is that___ guy in 106 doing?” but bet she didn’t even look up from her phone.

Anyways. I shot a house today, and planned to give the realtor and owner a bit of free advertising, but I really didn’t feel like messing with those pics just now, so I made this one instead.

And making this one was quite a process…

D7000. LensBaby 50mm f/2 Muse (Plastic). ISO100; 1/640th, 1/160th, 1/40th; f/2. HDRified in Merge to HDR Pro, photo filters/levels adjustment/luminance layer (thanks to Chris Marquardt for the idea to clone the layer, convert to b/w, tune, then convert to a luminance layer. It added just a hint of Idon’tknowwhat that worked nicely here), then a vignette and tiny bit of slider play in Aperture.

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