So the annual holiday White Elephant gift exchange happened this afternoon at work, and I had some errands and phone calls to make after work, so I went ahead and shot the 365 with the phone this morning. Ends up, the party got me out of work earlier than expected, the errands took no time, and the phone call was an absolute pleasure.

(Believe it or not, the main phone call was to set up moving internet service from the current place to the future place, and was completely painless! Time Warner have listened to their customers and stepped their game up somewhat in the customer service department, and I should have 1) no interwebs downtime; 2) faster speed; 3) a tiny increase in price for the much faster speed, all of which were completely unexpected! I should go buy a lottery ticket…)

I dropped most of the $10 maximum on wrapping supplies, as my gift for the White Elephant came to me in 2010’s White Elephant… (its third appearance in said gift exchange), and I therefore had the fanciest wrapping in the house. This is some of the plastic foil wrapping sheets that I used in place of tissue paper. It looked so interesting on the desk… it had to be shot, and so it was.

And now I have a few minutes to dust the empty bookshelves before dinner time! GoGo.

iPhone 4. Built-in Camera app, in HDR mode. 4 shots made at different exposure points, and combined/recombined in TrueHDR app, with a very minimal crop in Aperture.

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