On the way home today, I remembered that my neighbor promised to bring the key to my apartment back this evening. She’s had it for 2+years, and uses it to look after the cats when I’m away, help herself to snack foods (when she’s not on a health kick), and examine the level of filth in and around my living spaces. I’m thankful for the first, she’s welcome to the second, and the third is plain to see for anyone, so she’s been welcome to the key.

Of course, now that I’m moving away, I’ll need to give the keys back to the landlords at some point, so I told myself to put her key with the other spares.

But wait… what did I do with the other spares?

I know I planned to put them somewhere where I wouldn’t lose them or forget where they were, but where?

They weren’t on the desk.

The weren’t in the camera bag.

They weren’t in the part of the desk box that contained their former drawer mates.

5#!7. What did I do with them?

I looked in the bathroom. I looked in the kitchen, around the coffee pot. I looked at the desk again. I looked in the bag again. I looked in the part of the box where the desk drawer mates are. No luck.


I guess I’ll have to unpack and repack stuff until I find them.

(they were in the part of part of the desk box containing items from another drawer, and directly below the part of the box where the spare keys’ former mates are, and it only took an additional ~45 seconds to find them.)

So I dropped them in the camera bag and snapped this picture as a reminder.

The bag is now shouting at me: they’re in here, dummy!

D7000. Sigma 30mm f/1.4. ISO800, 1/60th, f/1.4, pop-up, in TTL mode. About 30 seconds of processing in Aperture.

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