About 2 months ago, I noticed that the plug end of the cord on my 2 year old Klipsch S4i headphones had split, leaving the wires all exposed.

I took some electrical tape to it and hoped for the best.

The best was about 6 weeks, I guess, because I started noticing a short or something about two weeks ago, and the controls became sporadic. I didn’t think much of it, but then last week the controls on the headset stopped controlling entirely.

So I started researching.

I was happy with the S4i’s, and planned to buy another pair, but thought I’d look around anyway.

I saw the Miles Davis Trumpet headphones from Monster, and was immediately struck by the design. I was further struck by the price ($349, list), but decided to read some reviews anyway

Last Thursday, I decided to check around for prices, still planning to pick up another set of S4i’s…

I came across $299, $279, $249, all too rich for me, and I had planned a route home that would take me past the Big Electronics Store.

Later that day, I popped on Amazon to look for a gift, and decided to check the price there… $209.

Buy it Now was too easy.

And this was far and away the best sonic purchase I’ve made in my Adult life.

I went from some really good old Shure’s that I’d used with an iPod since 2003 or 4 into the S4i’s, and that was a big step up, for sure.

But the step from S4i’s to the Trumpets is more like a giant leap.

These headphones are flipping amazing: believe. I don’t think I did them justice here, but maybe I came close to capturing the rainbow of aural joy pouring into my cranium about now?

D7000. Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina), reversed, on 40mm extension. ISO800, 1/60th, f/1.8. About 40 seconds of slider play in Aperture.

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