Is this what climate change looks like? It’s currently 74 degrees fahrenheit, and I’ve been in shorts and flip flops since I woke up this morning, because it was over 50 when I woke up.

For someone that likes it cold, this isn’t quite cutting it, and weather like this worries me.

Anyway, it’s a good thing I spotted this scene this morning, and an even better thing that I stopped what I was doing long enough to grab the camera, because I’m totally sapped of energy and enthusiasm already, and it’s only 3:45p.

D7000. Vivitar 70-210mm f/3.5 Series 1 (Kiron, maybe) @ 105mm. ISO400, 1/20th, f/3.5. About 4 minutes of slider play (some of which I regret, now, and may go back and redo: if so, I’ll post a second version later, but don’t hold your breath) in Aperture.

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