I’ve been in full out expunging and packing mode all day today, and I lost the last bit of motivation and interest in just about anything about 2 hours ago.

So it’s a good thing I noticed this popular post on the way to Giant Electronics Store, quickly pulled out the phone and grabbed a couple of quick shots before the light changed. (I don’t buy presents for people for the holidays—I give a pile of cash to a charity or two and send cards around instead—and the thought of what a nightmare such a place might be the weekend before the weekend before Christmas never even crossed my mind. Never, that is, until I was in a 50 meter long line to check out with my $12 purchase that I could’ve easily ordered from the interwebs as it wasn’t a particularly urgent purchase, though it was necessary. Thankfully, there was a nice fellow in line behind me, and we had fun joking around about the 64 checkout stations—57 closed/7 operational—and various items for sale and how both of us were in such a line for things we didn’t really need right then (he was shopping for a new television: Giant Electronics Store didn’t have it, so he was picking up a stand for it and about to head to Big Electronics Store to find the one he wanted), and all sorts of other things whilst we hung around in line, so it wasn’t total hell, and I wasn’t swayed by any of the shiny things we crept by, though I was somewhat tempted by the LED flashlights…)

Now for some dinner and relaxing on the sofa. Woo.

iPhone 4. Built-in Camera app. ISO80, 1/511th, f/2.8, all fully automated. About 4 minutes of cropping and slider play and black & white conversion in Aperture.

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