7/52-23 Macro Week

Well, I shot more with the phone than with the big camera this week, and probably have a more coherent series there than here, but I started out the week with grand plans of going on lots of walks, shooting flowers and bugs around the neighborhood, etc., so even though I didn’t do any of that (flowers were out back of Momma’s house, other two were in the living room of the apartment…) I’m sticking with the plan, so here you go.

Not much more to say. I seem to be at a loss for words lately… Oh well.

D7000, Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina), reversed. EXIF in the lightbox, if you’re interested. A couple of these received slight crops, and most got slight bumps to various contrast/highlight/shadow/clarity/vibrancy/saturation, as per my usual, but nothing outlandish.

7/52-16 a day with the Vivitar 50mm f/1.8

Well, I definitely broke a cardinal rule of the 7/52 this week… I only shot for the project on one day. I could make excuses—and the ones I have would be convincing and you would likely give me a pass, given the terrifyingly fabulous week  I had—but I won’t. Suffice it to say, I was simply lazy and allowed other thoughts to crowd my mind, and allowed this crowding to occupy most of my time.


I strapped the Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina-made) onto the D7000 via a reversing ring late on Sunday, and then didn’t take the camera out of the bag until Wednesday afternoon, in an attempt to shed some of my worry and relax for a bit. I wandered around the apartment complex grounds, kneeling, stooping, and crawling on the ground, looking for various bugs. I didn’t find the expected ones, and so switched to flowers, but continued to keep an eye out for bugs.

Most of these received very mild adjustments in Lightroom, or a slight crop. The square-cropped one took the most abuse, but even it saw less than 2 minutes of slider play.

D7000. Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina). ISO800, various shutter speeds (AP mode), all f/3.5ish (I think: ignore the exif on this, as the D7000 couldn’t see or feel the aperture, given the reversed nature of the lens, and anyway it’s an M43 mount lens).

Midweek Macro #7 – something mysterious, almost

Something mysterious, almost. Like the capital on the swing ride at the small town carnival that rolled into town last week, or looking through a clear umbrella at an evil-looking fog, maybe.

I played with this one a long time, adding grain, darkening the vignette, playing with split toning, but ended up with something somewhat closer to the original, as the original had plenty of spook to it.

D7000. Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina), reversed. ISO800, 1/160th (Ap mode), f/4, -1EV. About 3 minutes of slider play in Lightroom.

Midweek Macro #4

Pretzel Salt. D7000. Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina), reversed on ~100mm extension. About 12 seconds of processing in Lightroom (slight boost to contrast, saturation, clarity).

7/52-08 Macrobstractions

Well, I suppose I was a bit lazy this week, but I did want to shoot some Macro Abstractions again—it has been awhile, after all—and I am in the middle of building my own WordPress theme and doing some site optimization, so my shooting time was a bit limited.

It was mostly laziness, though.

At least it’s not a group of cat pictures, I suppose… maybe next week. HA!*

I used the D7000 and either the Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai or the Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina), reverse-mounted directly to the body via a reversing ring. ISOs were in 800-1600 range, shutter speeds were camera-controlled via Aperture Priority mode, and apertures were wide open. Most of these received less than a minute of slider play in Lightroom.

*note: there is nothing wrong with a few cat pictures… After all, there are a bunch on this site.

365.355 Trumpets

About 2 months ago, I noticed that the plug end of the cord on my 2 year old Klipsch S4i headphones had split, leaving the wires all exposed.

I took some electrical tape to it and hoped for the best.

The best was about 6 weeks, I guess, because I started noticing a short or something about two weeks ago, and the controls became sporadic. I didn’t think much of it, but then last week the controls on the headset stopped controlling entirely.

So I started researching.

I was happy with the S4i’s, and planned to buy another pair, but thought I’d look around anyway.

I saw the Miles Davis Trumpet headphones from Monster, and was immediately struck by the design. I was further struck by the price ($349, list), but decided to read some reviews anyway

Last Thursday, I decided to check around for prices, still planning to pick up another set of S4i’s…

I came across $299, $279, $249, all too rich for me, and I had planned a route home that would take me past the Big Electronics Store.

Later that day, I popped on Amazon to look for a gift, and decided to check the price there… $209.

Buy it Now was too easy.

And this was far and away the best sonic purchase I’ve made in my Adult life.

I went from some really good old Shure’s that I’d used with an iPod since 2003 or 4 into the S4i’s, and that was a big step up, for sure.

But the step from S4i’s to the Trumpets is more like a giant leap.

These headphones are flipping amazing: believe. I don’t think I did them justice here, but maybe I came close to capturing the rainbow of aural joy pouring into my cranium about now?

D7000. Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina), reversed, on 40mm extension. ISO800, 1/60th, f/1.8. About 40 seconds of slider play in Aperture.

365.346 a schizophrenic spiderweb (oooohh uh spiderwebs… leave a message and I’ll call you back)

…a likely story but leave a message and I’ll call you back…

And two days in a row now I’ve spent half my shooting time wondering what to shoot.

…and it’s all your fault

Given that I spent most of the day packing and arranging for a truck and conning buddies into agreeing to help me move in a couple of weeks (not to mention grocery shopping, naps, and randomly surfing the intewebs), this lack of inspiration is either understandable or completely mystifying. After all, I had all manner of potential subjects at the upscale-ish big box store, the pet supply mart, and the low-rent grocery, plus I was up early enough to have shot the sunrise or the random assortment of light sources around the apartments, but I passed them all by with narry a second thought. (I did pull the phone out and grab a couple of snapshots, but none worthy of a 365.)

I screen my phone calls

Even worse, I now have No Doubt stuck in my head… shudders

no matter matter matter matter who calls, I gotta screen my phone calls

D7000. Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina), reversed, on 40mm extension. ISO400, 1/125th (AP mode), f/8, -1EV. About 10 minutes of fiddling in Aperture to get back to pretty much what the jpeg preview looked like…

Also: any idea why Aperture would be failing to grab the exif data on the first picture on a card? This is the second time it’s done this to me. I caught it this time, and was able to re-upload a version with the data intact, but I’d really like to figure out what’s up so I can fix it.

no matter who calls, no matter who calls
I’m walking in the spiderwebs
leave a message and I’ll call you back
I’m walking in the spiderwebs
leave a message and I’ll call you back
It’s all your fault
no matter who calls
I gotta screen my phone calls
it’s all your fault
leave a message and I’ll call you back