Well, I suppose I was a bit lazy this week, but I did want to shoot some Macro Abstractions again—it has been awhile, after all—and I am in the middle of building my own WordPress theme and doing some site optimization, so my shooting time was a bit limited.

It was mostly laziness, though.

At least it’s not a group of cat pictures, I suppose… maybe next week. HA!*

I used the D7000 and either the Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai or the Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina), reverse-mounted directly to the body via a reversing ring. ISOs were in 800-1600 range, shutter speeds were camera-controlled via Aperture Priority mode, and apertures were wide open. Most of these received less than a minute of slider play in Lightroom.

*note: there is nothing wrong with a few cat pictures… After all, there are a bunch on this site.

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