The Tokina AT-X 35-200mm f/3.5-4.5, a review

Introduction In early March, 2012, I pushed away from the desk to go make dinner, bumped the tripod, and knocked the D7000 and reverse-mounted Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 E-Series face first into the wooden apartment floor. This fall had two effects: 1) it loosened a wire or something in the MD-D11 battery grip such that the […]

365.312 it’s sharp after all! (with bonus Outtake at f/4.5)

Above: the 365 pic, shot at f/8. Below: a similar composition wide open at f/4.5. After the photowalk yesterday, while editing pictures, I noticed that the subject of several shots was completely out of focus. This was somewhat bothersome, as my initial thought was that something was wrong with a) the lens; b) the D7000’s […]

West End Photowalk & Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday morning found me, once again, wandering around Downtown Dallas, alone, ostensibly as part of a Photowalk: this time a Scavenger Hunt with the North Texas Photography Explorers MeetUp Group. Good news: I didn’t have a full out panic attack and start frantically texting an old friend. Bad news: I had a constant, general, and […]