365.180 a quick bit of light play

And this is just what the title suggests… In keeping with recent 365 photos, this is me mixing light sources and playing with color: on the left, a minimaglite; on the right an LED Lightbar thing; all around tungsten-balanced cfl and afternoon diffused sunlight. Pretty! D7000. Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G, reversed. ISO100, 1/5th (AP mode), f/5.6 […]

365.91 Ohne Titel (niedlich auge)

A second set of attempts (see 365.15 for the first set…) to capture my right eye with a reversed 75-150, this time with flash to minimize the effects of the eye shake focus, but still fail. I tried reversed, reversed with 52mm of extensions, reversed with 104mm of extension, and mounted straight, but with 104mm […]

… in a network of lines that intersect

More fun with the new (old) lens! This one begged to go b/w from the start, since the subject looks b/w already to my eyes, but goes green & yellow at these magnifications/scales/distances. Fun, if wildly dusty, times. Yes, I cleaned the sensor again last night, and, yes, it got dust on it from merely […]