So I played around with the zoomy-flashy thing again today. It was in large part an exercise in meh, but there remains something of interest about it.

In this example, we have Ivan, who is likely looking at his sister or his food or, perhaps, a bug.

But if you look very closely, there are two Ivans here: one, very small and very black inside of the larger, redder one. Believe me: it’s the same Ivan, mostly.

I like the double exposure type effect going on here. And I like that there are some interesting things going on in this otherwise very dull and uninteresting photo.

Anyway, like Double Exposure, I think the technique may require a plan to be taken to the fullest.

Either way, I think I’ll keep trying for a bit.

D7000. Nikon 36-72mm f/3.5 E-Series. ISO100, 1 second, f/8. A tap of the ‘auto-prettify’ button, and maybe 30 seconds of levels/definition/vibrancy slider play, but only after making multiple attempts to crop and trying multiple by-hand tweaks to bring up the wider, fainter, parts of the shot.

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