7/52-17 Cats! (and not cats…)

AKA One of these is not like the other Another week of not-really-focusing-on-shooting, and with very, very good reason that I’ll share sooner or later. I did manage to break off an hour or so on Wednesday, and another 15 minutes yesterday in order to make some pictures, and I’m thankful I got 7 that […]

365.192 We can’t go on togethuh, with Suspicious Minds

(Suspicious Minds) And just so’s I don’t double post… This must be my entry for Levi Moore’s SLIproject . Not that it’s a brilliant photo or anything, but just because of the look of sheer contempt I captured on Ivan’s fluffy little face, and because of the rather nice b/w-conversion that brought out the thoughts of murder flowing […]