Another day, another attempt at capturing the cats at play, another day they refuse to cooperate.


So I took the camera to them.

Ivan is not perfectly in focus here. I have great difficulty estimating distances, and would normally have just used f/8 or f/16 and not bothered, but I wanted to blur the foreground, and at this focus distance, with the amount of available light, and a subject that would remain still for 5 or 6 seconds at most, I zone-focused a bit close.

Oh well.

So. Let’s see. where to begin…

The composition is mediocre, at best. The exposure is close-enough, but (as discussed) the focus is off. And the only redeeming quality (for me) is the rather fun post processing I rocked out here.

So I’m well on the way to a week of fails. Hooray!

D7000. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 AI. ISO100, 4 seconds, f/4. About 7 minutes of playing with sliders (mostly the levels) in Aperture, but only after waffling around on which of the bad pictures I took (not ‘made,’ took) was the least bad for a good 25…

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