So today I tried to combine the zoomy-flashy thing with multiple exposures…

It didn’t work. Or, rather, it only worked once as far as I can tell.

The process is something like playing a very complex, mallet-based instrument, or performing as a percussionist with several shakers/rattley things/tinkley bells/etc. to shake, rattle, or tinkle all in the span of a couple of seconds.

At first, it was just zooming in and out, and letting the pop-up do its thing.

Then, I switched to the SB-700 and radio triggers. This failed completely. I think the wireless trigger caused the multiple-exposure setting to reset, or perhaps overrode something.

So I switched to pop-up as commander, but forgot to get the sb-7000 to line of sight for the first couple of attempts, and then realized that I was only one of the zoomy-flashy operations in the multiple exposure, and was also only getting a single exposure, despite tripping the shutter multiple times.

I think it worked in this one, as you can clearly se three kickstands receding, and this came during the first part of the sequence, before I really started to branch out and get crazy with things. If you look closely, there are three little mouse toys, three bigger rat toys, three rear tires, three rope things, etc., all lit by flash pops from the pop-up.

I didn’t achieve the effect I was hoping for, though I suppose I really had no expectation, but thought it would be different, with more blur to the transitions, and etc.

So this is shaping up to be a week of experimentation, which is fine with me, I suppose. At least it’s not more macro abstractions…

D7000. Nikon 36-72mm f/3.5 E-Series. Triple exposure, each one at ISO100, f/8, 6 seconds, with the pop-up in TTL mode and rear-curtain sync. About 10 minutes of slider play in Aperture, mostly to bring out various details.

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