Delta Def Jam: at work with 3200, at 6400

With September came the Delta Def Jam… like the FP4Party, TMAX Party, and Neopantastic! before it, it’s a community celebration of all things Ilford Delta. I’m not a big fan of Ilford Delta 100 or 400 (I vastly prefer FP4 and HP5+), so I decided to go with 3200, I started strong, but didn’t finish […]

Tyler, TX: pro-am & toy

For #DianaDay, I went to Tyler, TX in connection with another project.* I went with, perhaps, a few too many cameras… It strikes me now that this might be a bit excessive. 5 cameras, 3 formats, 5 focal lengths, all with Superia 400. #believeinfilm — James Cockroft (@jam_esc) August 5, 2017 Excessive, perhaps, but […]