A couple of weeks ago, I took a quick trip up to Arkansas to visit Mom. I took the long, pretty way again, and on the way up, I spotted a sign for Honey Grove, Texas, and decided to pop in for a visit…

Honey Grove isn’t a big town, at all, what with ~1600 residents at the 2010 Census, but it has a little square built around the post office, and some great dilapidated old buildings. I parked, jumped out of the car, and walked around for 20 minutes or so before picking up some donuts and getting back on the road.

I might like to go back again, one day, but then I don’t really know what to do with these pictures, really. Ruin porn isn’t really my thing, though I happily shot some of it this time, and the town isn’t big enough to have any of the things I’m shooting for a nostalgia trip that really needs a better foundation if it’s ever going to be something. Maybe I’ll just go back for the donuts. The holes were mediocre at best, but the buttermilk was among the best I’ve had, and they had an alright cruller, too.

I’m not sure what went wrong with this roll of P30. The negatives are very thin, with almost no shadow detail and crushed highlights. Maybe an exposure issue? Maybe a development issue? To my eye, they look both underexposed and underdeveloped. Here’s a scan with some light cropping and a bit of levels adjustment. Maybe you can see something I’m missing, some error I made? If so, please let me know in the comments.

And here’s the same image, with the best conversion I could muster…

Next roll, I think I’ll rate it at EI 50 and go back to 4 inversions per minute, and maybe for a half a minute longer.

So, if you happen by Honey Grove, stop in and have a walk around. There are some antique stores and whatnot in the town square, and if you’re into that ruin porn stuff, there are more ruined places to visit, but probably not within easy driving distance of DFW.


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