Samie got himself a Traxxas Slash a month or so ago, and Daniyal came by (with his mother, sisters, and aunt (my sisters in law and neices)) to check it out… Fun times, for sure, especially during the DeltaDefJam!

10 year old me is jealous a bit jealous of that fancy RC Truck: I so wanted an RC car way back then. Technology wasn’t so advanced, and my gift-giving relatives weren’t so wealthy, so I ended up with a battery powered truck with a remote connected to it by about 3 feet of cable. The top speed of it was maybe 3 mph, if that. I remember being wildly disappointed by it, and at an age where I wasn’t yet able to fake it.

39 year old me recognizes the Traxxas Slash as loads of potential fun, but a sort of fun that’s more or less past for me, now, and also fun times.

3 year old Daniyal, though, was wildly excited by it.

And whoa, what that truck can do! They raced it up and down the driveway and rolled it under Daniyal’s family car.

And the best part: Samie built a little ramp out of the box it came in, and that truck can FLY. Good times!

And good times it was, indeed.

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