Selections from my last roll of Konica Pro 160

Shortly after scoring a really great deal on two Bobinquick Bulk Loaders* from Garland Camera, I needed some film and remembered seeing some bulk color film at Ultrafine. A few short days later, and I was the proud owner of 100′ of perforated Konica Color Professional 160. That 100′ netted me 19 rolls, mostly used […]

Ah, Canon Sure Shot 115u, I hardly knew ya

I spotted this pretty little camera in the back of the jewelry case at my local Goodwill a month or so ago, hemmed and hawed for about 10 minutes, bought it, ran 3 rolls through it, then packed it up and sent it off to my EmulsiveSanta recipient last week. It’s not a bad camera […]

Enter the Sprocket Rocket

About two weeks ago, I came across this post on Twitter: pervadere #FunkyAF #SummerFilmParty [Sprocket Rocket, Cinestill 50D] — kim (@kimmiechem2) June 20, 2017 I liked the photo and left a  comment, and Kim replied: Definitely recommend the Sprocket Rocket to panos lovers. Cheap & cheerful. Definitely is a light hog, however. 🙃 — […]