Today, I’m grateful for feeling, both in terms of sensation and emotion, both “how are you feeling?” or “are you feeling alright?” and “ooo feel this!”

Without sensation, much of life would be dull and empty; without emotion, much of life would be meaningless. As surely as hot and cold remind us of the blessings of each other (ice cream on a hot summer afternoon and hot chocolate on a cold winter morning) happiness and sadness, flow and frustration, joy and rage all serve as important signposts to remind us Allah’s blessings and mercy. Alhamdulillah! Continue reading “Feeling”

Fort Worth Foto Walk b/w I’m no good at street photography

Some weeks back, during the #PolarWalk at the Dallas Zoo, I broke the frame picker arm on the Diana Mini. I was able to fix it, but had some problems getting the winder back on and winding properly,* and so once I got it back together, I shoved a roll in as quickly as possible with the intent to test the fix… Ends up, it took me about 6 weeks to shoot through it… Oh well. Continue reading “Fort Worth Foto Walk b/w I’m no good at street photography”

JCH: 32 vs 40

Last week, I mentioned that I did some a/b shooting with the JCH Street Pan, loaded in the Lomo LC-A (32mm) and the Ricoh 35 ZF (40mm), and promised a followup…

Before I get into it, remember that the LC-A underexposed everything by a couple of stops for some unknown reason (possibly old batteries) and the 35 ZF is sporting a 1.5v battery, but was designed for 1.3v, so it’s probably overexposing a bit, so ignore the exposure (as much as possible) and check the field of view. Notice also the relative sharpness and all.

Everything was shot at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens on a Friday during the staycation back in August, and it was the first time my darling, adorable wife and I got the eye from one of the other visitors. I blame the current political climate: just look at my wife! Is she not darling and adorable? What, precisely, is so frightening/shocking/unusual/out of place about her?

Continue reading “JCH: 32 vs 40”