If the film’s called “Street Pan,” is it appropriate to shoot the lone 120 roll you have, the one that came in the Camera Film Photo Advent calendar a few months back?

Sure, why not?

Yes, the blacks get absolutely crushed, especially when your 4 year old scanning rig is on its last legs and bouncing flash in wildly varying ways.

And, yes, it probably would’ve done a bit better with a yellow (or orange) filter, but filters are a bit hard to manage with the LC-A 120, and, anyway, I’m a bit lazy.

Not too lazy to run up and down the insanely steep slopes at Rickle Park…

Up this slope and to the left, I found a nicely constructed lean-to, complete with fire pit and camp stove, with something like a mattress made of pine branches. I took a picture of it, and am glad it’s not worth sharing. I felt like an in Vader, like I had wandered into someone’s bedroom or something, and I booked it out of there.

My nervous feeling of invasion, that feeling like you’ve done something wrong and a parent or teacher or someone is going to yell at you led to a bit of shaky hands, which led, in turn, to this:

…which looks like something out of a nightmare or a Brothers Quay film or something. Fun stuff.

And I capped off my time at Rickle Park, and my time with this roll of Street Pan, with a double exposure, which the LC-A 120 makes rather easy… I quite like how it turned out.

Swirly and dreamlike and worth playing with some more in the future, maybe.

If you’re interested, I developed this alongside a roll of RPX400, also from the Advent Calendar, in Rodinal 1:100 for about 75 minutes.

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