Some weeks back, during the #PolarWalk at the Dallas Zoo, I broke the frame picker arm on the Diana Mini. I was able to fix it, but had some problems getting the winder back on and winding properly,* and so once I got it back together, I shoved a roll in as quickly as possible with the intent to test the fix… Ends up, it took me about 6 weeks to shoot through it… Oh well.The bulk of the roll went down during a visit to the Amon Carter Museum for the Avedon in Texas exhibit (no photographs, please), and then for a tour around the new Fort Worth Camera store and facilities, and then a quick photowalk in the Stockyards.

As I was writing this post up, I remembered a nearly forgotten roll of Street Pan that was loaded in the FG that day… The photos from the Diana Mini tell the story of a fixed frame counter and show off some of the fun Mini stuff; the nice, sharp, photos from the FG and 50 E and JCH Street Pan tell much more of the story…

We—Mr. Holga, Mark Snaps, Clint, and I—met up at the Amon Carter Museum to see the Avedon show. I knew better than to photograph in the Avedon exhibit area, but happily shot around some other places in the museum. We saw the Avedon, some permanent exhibit stuff, and The Invented Worlds of Valton Tyler, of whom I was previously unaware.

After a trip through the gift shop, we piled into Mark’s car and drove over to the old, closed location of Fort Worth Camera, and then to the shiny new location of Fort Worth Camera. Once there, we wandered around the store for a bit, and somehow met MacKenzie Hughes, who took us all over the new building: classrooms, storage, future darkroom, studios, the porch behind their cool aperture wall, up, down, and around. Not sure what got us all the special attention: maybe 4 guys, obviously together, all carrying multiple film cameras, just shouted something. Whatever it was, we got the hook up: #believeinfilm.

After the camera shop, we dropped Clint by his car and went for lunch at the Great Outdoors, then headed down to the Stockyards for some street shooting…

I’m No Good at Street Photography

Don’t believe me? Peep these:

All missed by [<———————————————————————————>] that much.

I’ll keep trying, but I have very little opportunity at present: street photography in the suburbs is something different than street photography we normally think of when we say “street photography.”

Anyway. I lost my mojo about halfway through the stockyards: too many photowalk memories, too much to look at, too many photos waiting to be taken. If I got out and shot more, I’d likely build some endurance and find ways to counteract the fatigue, but till then, it’ll be a struggle.

All in all, it was a fun half-day with a great group of guys, and I look forward to more: next up is a lecture and photowalk around the Dallas Public Library at the Dallas Book Festival on April 29: InshaAllah it’ll be more good times.

*I was sure I wrote something about this, but I guess not… Maybe one day.

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