It’s Polaroid Week, and instead of holding it all till the end, I’m going to go ahead and share as they come. First up, some color Impossible Project film with a groovy Lilac border, shot in my stepdad’s Polaroid Impulse SE. Everyone that’s seen it has a story to tell about polaroid, and I’m having some (wildly expensive) fun with it.

The Impulse SE has exposure compensation (not yet tested) and a close focus mode that claims to focus from 2-4 feet. My arms are a bit over 2 feet long, so I should’ve been more in focus than I am, I think. Oh well. This has something of an Andy Warhol polaroid vibe to it, though his would’ve been in focus, and his subjects were far prettier than I.

I need a haircut. Should I get one this week, I’ll try for another selfy. Until then, you’ll have to make due with my usual mix of random stuff.

First, a banal office scene.

It just works, somehow.

And now, a banal traffic scene. (On this one, I blocked the flash with my hand: the red in the upper right is probably a bit of flash bouncing off my hand.)

Also just works, somehow.

And now, perhaps the most poignant photograph I’ve taken in awhile. This is likely the last time I’ll fuel up Hank, my beloved diesel Golf. I have an appointment to turn it in on April 27th. I’m not sure which is the appropriate smiley… 🙁 or 😔 or 😥. Maybe all of them.


I’m not too sure about the Lilac border… Doug at Don’s expressed appreciation for it and I picked it up on his recommendation… I think I’ll stick to white or black from now on.

I’m almost done with a pack of Instax in the LC-Anstax, and I just loaded some black frame Color Impossible Project into the Polaroid, so Polaroid Week is in full swing, and rocking! Check out @PolaroidWeek on Twitter and join in with whatever integral film you have: Impossible, Instax, Fuji Pack film, whatever!

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