#PolaroidWeek! (1)

It’s Polaroid Week again! Woo! I’ve been a bit slow so far, just 2 packs of Instax, 1 of new Polaroid Originals iType Color, and 1 (my last) of Impossible Project 600, but I have two packs loaded so more to come later… For now, lets compare/contrast the old Impossible Color, the new iType color, […]

Polaroid Week! (5) – Hank’s last drive

Well, Polaroid Week ended a few days ago, but I had a pack of B&W Impossible Project loaded, so I shot it on a nice drive around Tarrant, Wise, Denton, and Dallas counties. It’s probably the last of the little half-day drives/photo tours I’ll take in the Golf, and Polaroid/Impossible seems a good way to […]