Ah, springtime. Everything springs to life once again, birds chirping, flowers in bloom, and Polaroid Week (2)!

My sister-in-law and her suitor were over today for an interview of sorts. Things are a bit different in the Bengali and Muslim traditions, so James and the Polaroid Impulse SE got to play chaperone for a bit.

Good times.

This is only the second pack I’ve shot this week. Too slow. Oh well. I picked up this pack of black frame Impossible Color in Fayetteville, AR at Bedford Camera & Video. The use-by date was marked May 2017 (two months away when I bought it; 2 weeks away when I shot it), and it wasn’t cold stored till it got to me. This whole pack is dark, as if it was underexposed, even with exposure compensation pushed all the way. I’m a bit disappointed with it, but not with the two shots above… Great Capture, as they say.

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