I took my time with this pack of Instax. Excitement about shooting with the Polaroid wore off about the time I loaded this pack into the LC-Anstax, and my inspiration was a bit low. It happens sometimes, but I’ve felt this way for some weeks now.I had an idea to compare/contrast the Polaroid/Impossible and LC-Anstax/Instax outputs, with mildly interesting results. Sometimes the Instax won, usually due to my unfamiliarity with the Polaroid:

Other times, the Polaroid blew the Instax away, largely due to the size (and autofocus):

Overall, though, I wasn’t much inspired and didn’t really feel it, until I spotted my wife offering a Nafl (voluntary) prayer to Allay, and quickly determined to make a brief series.

If you’re unfamiliar with prayer in Islam, we have sort of 3 general types: there’s the formal prayer, Salat, that we perform 5 times per day, at least; then, there is dua and dhikr, asking/pleading and remembering. We often offer some dua and dhikr before and after Salat, and we often offer some voluntary Salat before important events, trips, important meetings, and the like. Here, my darling, adorable wife was preparing to host her sister Fatema (Moni) and Rob (the suitor). She was a bit stressed out about it: Alhamdulillah it went very well, as you can see (partly) from photos I posted yesterday.

That little series got me jazzed up, and I more or less blew through a pack of Monochrome shortly after. Look forward to pictures from that roll shortly, InshaAllah.

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