With a small party going on, it should’ve been easy to shoot through a pack of Monochrome… Alas, in ~4 hours, I only made 5 exposures with the LC-Anstax, vs about 7 with the Polaroid Impulse. The rest of the pack went down on the way to pick up some dinner with Samie, and, with need to finish the pack and get them scanned and posted, around the house this morning.

We got the party started with a nice sort of halal apéritif of S’Mores to get everyone loosened up and ready to have some fun.

After that, it was playtime, more or less.

After everyone left, Samie and I popped out to grab some take out for dinner.

After that, with two frames left in the pack, I got busy scanning and posting other party photos from the Polaroid, and I picked up and finished off the pack by appreciating the beautiful morning and dramatic clouds.

Polaroid Week has almost come to an end… I have a pack of black & white Impossible Project film loaded, and an invitation to a dinner tonight to shoot it at. InshaAllah I’ll finish it off there and post one last time later tonight or tomorrow.

This was fun! Sure, my inspiration and drive was at an all time low, but it was still a good time, and I got some nice shots of family. That’s really the most important part, I think. (More on this later, InshaAllah.)

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