Cloudy, with a chance of Orwo NP7

Back in January, I ordered up a mess of Compania Imago film. I was especially excited by their recycled wood and plastic film canisters and the (exceedingly remote) possibility of reusing them to roll some whatever whenever. I’ve shot through most all of that film now, and just have one roll of ancient Ansco left […]


I’m not much one for social media, but I recently made a concerted effort to take part in Twitter, and, to be honest, it’s quite fun. Granted, Twitter isn’t the most obvious for photo-related stuff, what with the 140 character maximum and relatively recent support for photos, but the community there is vibrant and active, and […]


It’s in some way fitting to share some nice, peaceful pictures for Armistice Day, even if I had no idea that this particular weekly roll would appear on this particular day. If you’re free at 11:11 on 11/11, take a minute of silence to remember all those who die in war and take another minute to […]

Sunny 16, ft. the LC-A and Polypan F 50

If you’re unaware, the Sunny 16 rule is an old principle of photography that gives us a simple way to calculate exposure without a meter: simply set your shutter speed to the reciprocal of the ISO and f/16 should give more or less accurate exposure in full sunlight. Polypan F 50 is a 50 ISO […]