I’m not much one for social media, but I recently made a concerted effort to take part in Twitter, and, to be honest, it’s quite fun. Granted, Twitter isn’t the most obvious for photo-related stuff, what with the 140 character maximum and relatively recent support for photos, but the community there is vibrant and active, and rather small. Unlike, say, the effbook or Tumblr, people actually interact with each other, and with me! It feels like a real community.

The FP4+ Party is one of the things they—we—have going there, and it’s a good time. We party every month: in week one, we shoot; in week two, develop; in week three, post; and in week four, the organizers announce the ‘winners.’ If you’re on twitter, and you shoot black & white film, buy a few rolls of FP4+ and join in!

I shot this weekly roll, for week 5, November 6-12, a couple of days prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, and then the first days after, as I processed the results and started to work through the emotions I feel around it (see here). I thought clouds were a good idea for depicting the trepidation, but I’m not so sure now: the clouds we had that week were not near ominous enough. Maybe the headlights and wet and flare and ghosts in the first image is the best, all black and chaotic… if only it was more abstract and dreadful. Oh well.

I might try again.

This roll of FP4+ came out grainy. I think maybe the developer was too hot, or it was developed too long, or something. No idea, but FP4+ shouldn’t be grainy like that, I think.

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