Living in a house has its perks… like Saturday morning carwashes in the driveway on warm spring days, for example.

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you might recognize this image…

I did flog it nearly to death during the Raw Convertor tests.

These were all shot one warm Saturday morning in April, before we had that freakish amount of rain. I might have mentioned the circumstances of the raw convertor test shot, but I don’t really recall.

I think I shared most of the rest of these during those reviews too, but here they are all nice and collected together.

And I did a bit of color balancing on this one… I realized that the water droplets were on Hana’s red Volvo and not my silver VW, and that explained why I couldn’t get it right before.

That’s not to say that the color is right now, but it’s closer, I think. And this one shows the great grain structure in Porta 400, which is rather impressive to my eye.

There are a fair amount of scratches and dents in these… apologies, but I’m still not going to tell you about that. You’ll just have to stay tuned.

If it had been a bit warmer on that mid-April day, I might’ve turned the hose on my darling, adorable wife, and maybe we could’ve had some fun chasing each other around or something. It seems obvious to me that we would do something like that, but we haven’t yet.

Of course, we also haven’t washed the cars in awhile, so maybe next time, maybe.

Up next, Porta 400 meets the Holga lens. Good times.

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