Fixed apertures and questionable focus markings make for some fun image making.

With the D7000, it was a bit easier thanks to adjustable ISOs and all, but Aperture Priority is Aperture Priority, whether it be 35mm film or crop-sensor digital.

I would’ve been more pleased with these if I hadn’t had so much trouble with the film.* I’m not sure what the deal was, but the Porta 400 gave me some trouble, both in and out of the camera.

The soft focus is nice and could be used for some suggestive image-making (and that’s why I bought it, really).

The exposure latitude on the Porta is pretty good, I guess. There’s a fair amount of detail in even the darkest parts of the images, partly thanks to the film, partly thanks to the D7000’s sensor, and partly thanks to Capture One Pro.

But you’ll have to just pardon the poor focusing and scratches and nonsense images in today’s post. Apologies.

*More on that tomorrow…

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