Hipstamatic Disposable update 3 – the D-Lite camera

Here is a full roll from the Hipstamatic D-Series D-Lite camera. I really like the color saturation and slight brown tint this camera offers, but the light leaks are a bit much in many cases, so I’ll be using this camera with the slider all the way to the left in the future. (BTW: the […]

Hipstamatic Disposable update 2 – the D-Fault camera

Well, it took awhile, but I finally shot through another group of Hipstamatic D-Series cameras. These shots came out of the D-Fault camera. I like the border, and can see whipping this camera out in certain situations. The color saturation and contrast is interesting, and I’m pretty sure this would make for some fun snapshots. […]

MFA Thesis Exhibition, 2007

University Art Gallery, March 17 – April 14, 2007 The 2007 MFA Thesis Exhibition includes works by eight artists representing a range of styles, themes, and approaches to art-making: painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, video, and installation art all make appearances. Given the breadth of content in the exhibition, viewers might find themselves confused about […]

Lorena Salcedo-Watson: ‘Morphologies’

Melvile Library Gallery, Stony Brook University, February 9 – 21, 2007 As we know, ‘morphology’ is the study of structures. Salcedo-Watson’s art is no different. The images in this show present views of the internal structure of the human body, not as seen with x-ray or other scientific or medical imaging devices, but as felt, […]

Amy Marinelli: ‘here: recent drawings’

Melvile Library Gallery, Stony Brook University, January 30 – February 5, 2007 Here. Where is here? Is here a place? A state of mind? When we go ‘there,’ we always end up ‘here;’ yet always, everywhere, I am here and you are there. So where or what is ‘here’? Marinelli’s drawings ask these questions. As […]

Athena LaTocha: ‘Sturm und Drang’

Melvile Library Gallery, Stony Brook University, November 3-11, 2006 ‘Sturm und Drang’ (Storm and Stress), for those who may be unfamiliar with the term, was a cultural movement in the late eighteenth century, built around the desire for freedom of expression and the primacy of instinct and impulse. Members of the group, including Goethe and […]

Alan Goodrich: i’m not scared

Melvile Library Gallery, Stony Brook University, October 31 – November 11, 2007 “I’m not scared” the constant refrain of countless Halloween revelers as they travel from horror film to haunted house to trick-or-treating in local neighborhoods made spooky with cotton cobwebs, inflatable ghosts and goblins, and plastic witches and headless horsemen with burning red eyes. […]