Hipstamatic Disposable update 8 – the Gregory GR8 camera

Well… I find Gregory GR8 pretty meh. Fat White Border. Faded Orange Color Overlay To Make It Look Old. Good brightness and clarity overall, but not so much that I didn’t wish I still had my 99 cents… And I definitely won’t bother loading up another one of these… The slider takes a bit of […]

Hipstamatic Disposable update 7 – the Unicorn MG camera

Well this camera was a waste of 99 cents. Jeez. In one or two of the shots, I cranked down the effect, but I’ll dare you to find which one. Yuck. Oh. Wait. I found them… Shots 16-20, second-to-the-last row on the bottom, and the last image in the third row up… the flower shots […]

Hipstamatic Disposable update 6 – the failure that was the BlacKeys 44 camera

You might have noticed the complaint about saving speed and the misleading “Saved!” pop-up that I copied and pasted into the four updates to this series that I posted today. If not: DO NOT BELIEVE THE ‘SAVED!’ POP-UP THAT POPS UP WHEN YOU TELL HIPSTAMATIC D TO SAVE A CAMERA ROLL TO THE CAMERA ROLL!!! […]

Hipstamatic Disposable update 5 – the Rodney ZX9 camera

I really like the double-exposure-ish effect in the Rodney ZX9 camera, but can totally do without the rainbow brite light leak. Hopefully the slider controls the leak intensity only, and leaves the double exposure intact. Further testing will ensue, at some point…   A note: it takes a loooong time to transfer the pics from […]

Hipstamatic D update 4 – the Foxy X69 camera

And this Foxy camera is FUN! Great blur effects and good color. GoGo. I think I’ll be using this one rather often, despite the silly border…   A note: it takes a loooong time to transfer the pics from Hipstamatic D to the camera roll, and if you try to save multiple cameras to the […]

Hipstamatic Disposable update 3 – the D-Lite camera

Here is a full roll from the Hipstamatic D-Series D-Lite camera. I really like the color saturation and slight brown tint this camera offers, but the light leaks are a bit much in many cases, so I’ll be using this camera with the slider all the way to the left in the future. (BTW: the […]

Hipstamatic Disposable update 2 – the D-Fault camera

Well, it took awhile, but I finally shot through another group of Hipstamatic D-Series cameras. These shots came out of the D-Fault camera. I like the border, and can see whipping this camera out in certain situations. The color saturation and contrast is interesting, and I’m pretty sure this would make for some fun snapshots. […]