365.178 oolala oo-laalalala oolala oo-laalalala laaa

Believe it or not, this wasn’t manipulated much. Sure, I pushed the saturation and blacks a bit, but most of the color here comes thanks to some man-made and in-camera trickery. Lighting provided by overhead incandescent, hard led, and diffused sunlight, which led to the orange in the left half, the hard white and blue […]

365.73 Some Strange Lights/Makes Me Dizzy

Well I was all set to do another Super Macro Bros. shoot (and did, in fact, shoot about 300 pictures with one or another or both of the brothers, and all of their siblings), and had designs on some more HDR for no good reason, but there was just one problem… Somehow, in changing lenses […]

365.58 Abstraktes Bild

Well, I could write a novel about today’s shoot, or I could just post the shot and its general setup notes… There are about 15 interesting shots from today, some purposeful (like this one), some entirely accidental, and I started with a rather insane setup, so I may make an outtakes post later tonight or […]

365.57 Ohne Titel (and a friend…)

I made 150-odd photos today, trying (in vain) to capture a macro version of yesterday’s optical illusion with the crayons. I got some interesting-enough shots, so groovy. All were shot with the D7000, Nikon 75-150mm E Series, Reversed, on 49mm of extension tubes, and at ISO100. The runner up (see below) was taken from about […]

365.53 Wino (first attempt)

Even though I’m always already asleep by the time their Studio Photography Insights hangout starts, I’m still going to try my hand at Alex Koloskov and Dave Nitsche‘s weekly project. This is my first attempt (but not my last: the next will have to wait) at shooting this week’s assignment, an unopened bottle of red […]

365.48 Point of Impact – part 2 – Ist es nicht sehr schön?

And this one really was fun! And it went quickly too! I did tear half the apartment apart to get the camera in a position to shoot it, but that’s my own fault for not yet having a proper shooting platform set up: soon, probably not this month due to work-related time constraints, but soon. […]