I made 150-odd photos today, trying (in vain) to capture a macro version of yesterday’s optical illusion with the crayons.

I got some interesting-enough shots, so groovy.

All were shot with the D7000, Nikon 75-150mm E Series, Reversed, on 49mm of extension tubes, and at ISO100.

The runner up (see below) was taken from about a foot away, 1/10th, f/3.5 with the SB700 at 1/2 power near camera right.

The 365 was more complex in that it was a multifun shot in addition to being macro. The end of the lens was about 3 feet away. Shots 1 and 2 were at f/11 and 1/10th, with the SB700 at 1/4 power at camera left. Shot 3 was at f/3.5 without the flash.

This was perhaps the most fun I’ve had with a 365 shoot: no cussing or grumbling or checking the clock and the shot count. And I’m reasonably pleased with the results. All in all, pretty much win, methinks.

365.57 Ohne Titel (and a friend…)

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