And this one really was fun! And it went quickly too!

I did tear half the apartment apart to get the camera in a position to shoot it, but that’s my own fault for not yet having a proper shooting platform set up: soon, probably not this month due to work-related time constraints, but soon.

Ok. This was another multiple exposure shot, this time with flash. Both were shot with the D7000 and 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series, zoomed all the way in, with the ISO set at 100:

Shot 1: 1/200th second, f/16, SB700 at 1/2 power fired into the CerealBoxStripBox(tm) that I positioned over the subject and slightly behind, as I wanted the light to spill over the side and bounce off the foamcore below to illuminate the underside.
Shot 2: 1/2, f/5.6, same flash set up (I meant to shut off the flash and try to get some hint of the yellow tungsten bulbs and afternoon light in the reflection, but I forgot, or got in too much of a hurry, or something… I don’t remember). Either way…

I think it’s beautiful.

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