Well, this marks the 290th post to this website… Not a huge milestone, but it also marks the 10,000th photo with the D7000 since… I’m not sure when. Maybe since I purchased the camera in June or July 0f 2011, maybe since I updated the firmware in October (that couldn’t be right… except I was in the 7700s in early February), maybe since I switched to using my initials instead of DSC, who knows. Either way, the odometer rolled over today. But that’s largely immaterial, I suppose.

More fun with Multifun and More Macro For The WIN!

The Setup:

The pinscreen on my desk, me holding the screen part up so that only the pins rested on the desktop.

The SB700 about a foot away, behind the rear left side of the pinscreen, at 1/8th power, triggered via the D7000’s pop-up, set at 1/128th power.

D7000 set for three exposures, ISO400, 1/60th.

The Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series, reversed, at f/16.

Multiple Exposures delivered via changes in white balance: 1) Tungsten; 2) Flourescent; 3) Cloudy.

All in all: quick and funfunfun.

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