Well I was all set to do another Super Macro Bros. shoot (and did, in fact, shoot about 300 pictures with one or another or both of the brothers, and all of their siblings), and had designs on some more HDR for no good reason, but there was just one problem…

Somehow, in changing lenses today, I got about 100000000 specks of dust on the sensor. Either that, or I was shooting light colors with too narrow an aperture or something, because I couldn’t get a shot that wouldn’t take 2 hours to clone dust out of.

So I spent 6 hours shooting, and another hour researching sensor cleaning methods before I remembered that I actually needed to shoot for the 365…

And so we have this shot.

Fun times.

D7000, 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series, reversed, on 48mm of extension tubes. ISO100. 3 exposures: 2″ at f/16, 1″ at f/8, 1/4 second at f/3.5, and lots of playing in Aperture.

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