don’t know what you got, ’til it’s gone

A couple of weeks ago, now, I went to Arkansas to visit Mom, and while there, wandering around photographing) running errands for her, I slipped and fell, twisting my right knee in the process. There’s a bit of slowly-healing road rash, but the most fun is the stretched or torn MCL and possibly damaged meniscus. […]

#PolaroidWeek! (1)

It’s Polaroid Week again! Woo! I’ve been a bit slow so far, just 2 packs of Instax, 1 of new Polaroid Originals iType Color, and 1 (my last) of Impossible Project 600, but I have two packs loaded so more to come later… For now, lets compare/contrast the old Impossible Color, the new iType color, […]

Rohingya Solidarity Rally

As reported by Nu’man bin Bashir, the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said The believers in their mutual kindness, compassion and sympathy are just like one body. When one of the limbs suffers, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever. مثل المؤمنين في توادهم وتراحمهم وتعاطفهم، مثل الجسد إذا اشتكى […]