Digital Darkroom Software Review: Darktable

Program: darktable (1.6.3; updated to 1.6.7 late in the review process) Platforms Available Tested: Linux, Mac, Windows Installation: normal download dmg & drag app to Applications folder (or wherever you like). Easy. darktable is probably the closest to Lightroom that you’ll find in the open source space. With the exception of user-definable albums (they’re called Film Rolls in darktable, and they’re […]

Photography workflow in Linux: darktable (part 4: the Zone System module)

The Zone System module is not quite as modular as the color correction module, and the precision is equally imprecise, but it’s a great deal of fun, nonetheless. I trust you have some idea about the Zone System. If not, go read up on it. The scroll wheel defines the number of zones, and you […]

Photography workflow in Linux: darktable (part 2: b/w conversion)

There’s really not much to say here… after finding my way around with the first two images, it was relatively easy to convert this shot to black & white for this Black & Wednesday. darktable has a monochrome module unlike any black/white conversion modules I’ve seen before. Essentially, you drag the circle around and change […]

Photography workflow in Linux: darktable (part 1)

So I went and did it… I installed Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander* on the netbook (an Ausu eee pc 1015px)… I’ve been bothered by the increasingly high walls around Apple’s garden, as well as the ever decreasing quality and user serviceability of their computers. At first, my thought was to switch to Hackintosh (here in […]