There’s really not much to say here… after finding my way around with the first two images, it was relatively easy to convert this shot to black & white for this Black & Wednesday.

darktable has a monochrome module unlike any black/white conversion modules I’ve seen before.monochrome conversion 1

Essentially, you drag the circle around and change its size to adjust a virtual color filter (according to the helpful tool pop-up thingy). Like most of the other advanced functions, this is likely rather powerful, but it’s rather painful to use on the netbook (see the helpful ‘working..’ that I spend large amounts of time waiting on.monocrome conversion 2

There’s also a slider to determine how much of the highlights to retain. I didn’t do much playing with this. Again, the low power of the netbook is a big roadblock here.

Ok. I won’t keep you today… Here’s the completed shot. Enjoy:darktable test|0005|©20140215-JamesECockroft

D7000. mamiya/sekor 50mm f/2, reversed. ISO400, AP mode, f/2. B/W conversion in darktable 1.4, on an Asus eee pc 1015px running Ubuntu 10.13.

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